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Corrective Action Plan & Assessment
The City of Hemet

Expenditures continue to outpace revenue,
impeding Hemet’s ability to meet its financial obligations
Subject May 25, 2017 August 3, 2017
Ongoing budget deficit Pending Pending
Rising pension cost Partially addressed Partially addressed
Use of city-supported library by nonresidents No action taken No action taken
Significant retiree medical costs and unfunded liability Partially addressed Partially addressed

Ineffective and inefficient organizational management
negatively affects Hemet's provision of public services
Underfunded fire department Partially addressed Partially addressed
Lack of coordinated approach to promote community engagement Pending Pending
Inefficient structure of city government Pending Pending
Turnover of key positions and lack of consistent leadership Pending Pending
Inconsistencies in outsourcing maintenance activities No action taken No action taken

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