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Upcoming Reports:

2015-612 - High Risk—Emergency Preparedness
Est. Release Date: October 15, 2015

2015-101 - Inglewood Unified School District
Est. Release Date: November 5, 2015 » Audit Scope (PDF) (HTML)

2015-006 | Statute: California Government Code, Sections 13297 & 13298 - Treasurer's Cash Count, June 30, 2015
Est. Release Date: December 2015

2015-102 - Central Basin Municipal Water District
Est. Release Date: December 2015 » Audit Scope (PDF) (HTML)

Latest Reports & Updates

Follow-Up—Federal Workforce Investment Grants:
Report 2015-508—The Employment Development Department Established Procedures for Seeking Discretionary Grants, but Needs to Strengthen Them
Children's Hospital Program:
Report 2015-042—The California Health Facilities Financing Authority Has Generally Complied With Laws and Regulations and Resolved Its Issue Related to High Fund Balances
Follow-Up—California Department of Public Health:
Report 2015-507—Laboratory Field Services Is Unable to Oversee Clinical Laboratories Effectively, but a Feasible Alternative Exists
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