Local Government High Risk

Work in Progress

Upcoming Reports:

2019-112 - California State Lottery
Est. Release Date: February 25, 2020 » Audit Scope (PDF) (HTML)

2019-121 - California Department of Food and Agriculture—Oversight of the Pet Lovers' Specialized License Plate Fund
Est. Release Date: March 2020 » Audit Scope (PDF) (HTML)

2019-114 - California State University Campus-Based Student Fees
Est. Release Date: April 2020 » Audit Scope (PDF) (HTML)

2019-116 - Juvenile Justice Crime Prevention Act Funds
Est. Release Date: April 2020 » Audit Scope (PDF) (HTML)

2019-119 - Lanterman-Petris-Short Act Implementation
Est. Release Date: April 2020 » Audit Scope (PDF) (HTML)

2019-047 - UC Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation (Health and Safety Code section 8028)
Est. Release Date: May 2020

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Report 2016-130 - UC Office of the President:
Updated December 2019
Automated License Plate Readers:
Report 2019-118—To Better Protect Individuals' Privacy, Law Enforcement Must Increase Its Safeguards for the Data It Collects
Implementation of State Auditor's Recommendations:
Report 2020-406—Reports Released in January 2018 Through December 2019
State High Risk:
Report 2019-601—The California State Auditor's Updated Assessment of High‑Risk Issues Faced by the State and Select State Agencies