Audit Career Opportunities

While we hire a variety of individuals for different functions and with a remarkable breadth of backgrounds, the majority of our staff are dedicated to conducting audits and thus, we are always looking for audit professionals. If you have graduated or are within a year of graduating from an accredited college, you may be eligible to apply and start your audit career with the California State Auditor as an entry-level auditor. As such, you would have the opportunity to grow professionally through the audit career path outlined below. If you have audit experience, you may qualify for other levels in the audit career path.

A ladder showing the salaries for audit positions for the office, starting at $61,092 for Auditor 1 and ending at $153,816 for Principal Auditor - details after image


  • Auditor I: $61,092 - $87,180
  • Auditor II: $67,464 - $96,216
  • Senior Auditor I: $80,832 - $120,168
  • Senior Auditor II: $93,396 - $132,648
  • Senior Auditor III: $102,984 - $139,368
  • Principal Auditor: $124,608 - $153,816

Use the links below for information about audit career opportunities.