Report 2014-131 Recommendation 24 Responses

Report 2014-131: California State Government Websites: Departments Must Improve Website Accessibility So That Persons With Disabilities Have Comparable Access to State Services Online (Release Date: June 2015)

Recommendation #24 To: Community Colleges Chancellor's Office

To enhance the overall accessibility of its website, by July 31, 2015, Community Colleges should list general web browser usability features on its websites after verifying that its sites are compatible with those features. Additionally, Community Colleges should add links to its website directing users to browser-specific usability information for these four popular web browsers: Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer, and Firefox.

60-Day Agency Response

Accessibility Web Page

A web page providing accessibility information was created and posted for the OpenCCC account creation application and the CCCApply application; in both locations, the accessibility information is identical and available via a hyperlink from the page footer. The OpenCCC accessibility page is public facing whereas the CCCApply accessibility page requires authentication prior to viewing (Note - individuals must create an OpenCCC account before proceeding to the CCCApply application).

The accessibility page contains information specific to website accessibility, including common keyboard commands for web browsers and contact information for reporting an accessibility issue. The contact information includes an e-mail address specific for accessibility reporting and a phone, TTY, and physical campus address. The Accessibility page may be viewed at:

- OpenCCC application Accessibility URL (public-facing):

- CCCApply application URL (requires application login):

  • Completion Date: July 2015
  • Response Date: August 2015

California State Auditor's Assessment of 60-Day Status: Fully Implemented

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