Report 2014-107 Recommendation Responses

Report 2014-107: Judicial Branch of California: Because of Questionable Fiscal and Operational Decisions, the Judicial Council and the Administrative Office of the Courts Have Not Maximized the Funds Available for the Courts (Release Date: January 2015)

Recommendation for Legislative Action

To determine the cost to the State of providing support to the trial courts, the Legislature should take steps to clearly define the difference between local assistance expenditures and state operations expenditures. One method of accomplishing this would be to make the necessary statutory changes to classify as local assistance only those appropriations that the AOC passes directly to the trial courts or that the AOC expends on behalf of the trial courts with their explicit authorization. All other appropriations would be classified as state operations.

Description of Legislative Action

Legislation has not been introduced to address this recommendation.

  • Legislative Action Current As-of: January 2016

California State Auditor's Assessment of 1-Year Status: No Action Taken

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