A Complete Team Behind Every Effort.

Whether we need a stunning graphic or assistance booking travel, our administrative team does it all. Recruiting, accounting, hiring, IT updates, graphic design, and training—they are here to help us get our work done and then get the word out.

Join our team and make a difference.

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Our Administrative Teams.

Administrative Support

Our team of administrative professionals make sure that every day goes smoothly. From answering phones, to typing letters, coordinating resources for our work products, and keeping the Executive Office's calendar up-to-date, this team is the backbone of the office. Admired for their constant dedication and positivity, they even have candy to give you a boost on a busy day.

Business and Finance

Our business and finance team knows the numbers and the office inside and out. They are responsible for purchasing goods and services, designing workspaces, navigating contracting processes, paying the bills, and closing the books at the end of the year. This hardworking team collaborates with all of the units in the office to make sure everyone can do their job efficiently and effectively.

Graphic Design

Graphics bring our reports to life. Our team of talented graphic designers collaborate with teams to develop graphics that allow our audiences to understand our arguments in seconds. Known to have a lot of fun, this team always strives to ensure our office's products deliver our results in a professional and visually interesting way.

Human Resources

Our people are core to our success. That's why our human resources team is there to support all of our employees. They are on the road recruiting the future members of our teams and here in the office facilitating the hiring process, developing high-quality training, and helping people understand their benefits.

IT Support

Did you forget your password? Our skilled IT team is ready to tackle problems much bigger than that. In addition to ensuring that the sensitive information we collect is protected and that our machines are fully functional, they also work to improve our office's operations as we transition more of our processes to the digital world.