Reports Related to Justice & Public Safety

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The State Bar of California Will Need a Mandatory Licensing Fee Increase in 2024 to Support Its Operations April 13, 2023 Although Four Superior Courts We Reviewed Generally Met Procurement Requirements, Glenn County Superior Court Needs to Significantly Improve Its Procurement Practices January 12, 2023 State Guidance and Oversight of Batterer Intervention Programs is Needed to Effectively Reduce Domestic Violence October 18, 2022 The Unreliability of the Child Abuse Central Index Database Puts Children At Risk and May Violate Individuals' Rights May 31, 2022 Law Enforcement Departments Have Not Adequately Guarded Against Biased Conduct April 26, 2022 The State Bar's Weak Policies Limit Its Ability to Protect the Public From Attorney Misconduct April 14, 2022 The San Diego County Sheriff's Department Failed to Adequately Prevent and Respond to the Deaths of Individuals in Its Custody February 03, 2022 The Judicial Council Complies With State Procurement Requirements January 13, 2022 The Board of State and Community Corrections Administration of Coronavirus Funds Marred By Delays October 21, 2021 Some California Colleges and Universities Are Not Accurately Reporting Campus Crime Statistics May 27, 2021 State Bar Is Not Effectively Managing Its System for Investigating and Disciplining Attorneys April 29, 2021 Weak State and Local Oversight Does Not Ensure That Public Safety Funds Are Spent Effectively March 25, 2021 Some Courts Need to Improve Their Payment Practices January 14, 2021 Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation Has Jeopardized Services for Mentally Ill Parolees August 20, 2020 Efforts to Prevent Youth Crime Suffer From Weak Oversight May 12, 2020 Automated License Plate Readers Put Privacy at Stake February 13, 2020 Judicial Council's Contracting and Procurement Practices December 19, 2019 Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation's Employees and Inmates Generally Received Necessary Medical Care July 11, 2019 State Bar Should Avoid Unnecessary Fee Increases April 30, 2019 Commission on Judicial Performance Has Created Opportunities for Misconduct to Persist April 25, 2019 California Has Not Determined the Benefits of Testing All Sexual Assault Evidence Kits March 07, 2019 Local Contracts with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Raise Health, Safety, and Cost Concerns February 26, 2019 Poor Administration by the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation Has Led to Poor Program Outcomes for Inmates January 31, 2019 Some Superior Courts Could Improve Their Procurement Practices January 15, 2019 Some Correctional Facilities Could Better Protect Their Officers From Certain Inmate Attacks September 18, 2018 Law Enforcement's Efforts on Hate Crimes Have Been Inadequate May 31, 2018 California's Colleges and Universities Struggle to Report Required Safety Information May 10, 2018 Judicial Council Needs to Follow Competitive Bidding Processes More Consistently December 19, 2017 Sheriffs Have Sometimes Implemented Concealed Carry Weapons Licensing Programs Inadequately December 14, 2017 Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation Must Increase Its Efforts to Prevent Inmate Suicides August 17, 2017 State Bar Needs to Revise Its Expense Policies June 27, 2017 Superior Courts Need to Improve Some Procurement Practices November 16, 2016 The CalGang Criminal Intelligence System Contains Questionable Information and May Violate Privacy Rights August 11, 2016 King City Police Department Needs Stronger Management to Prevent Misconduct July 14, 2016 State Bar's Lack of Transparency Has Undermined Communication With Decision Makers, Stakeholders May 12, 2016 The State May Not Effectively Serve Youth Involved in Both the Child Welfare and Juvenile Justice Systems February 25, 2016