Reports Related to Health & Social Services: Public Health

Public Health

The California Department of Public Health Has Missed Opportunities to Collect and Report Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Data April 27, 2023 The State Water Resources Control Board Lacks the Urgency to Ensure That Failing Water Systems Receive Needed Assistance July 26, 2022 The State's Weak Oversight of Hospice Agencies Has Created Opportunities for Large-Scale Fraud and Abuse March 29, 2022 CDPH Could Do More to Ensure Federal Funds Used for COVID-19 Testing and Contact Tracing Are Used Effectively April 01, 2021 Risk of Lead Poisoning Persists as State's Efforts to Clean Up Contaminated Sites Fall Short October 27, 2020 Local Educational Agencies Struggle to Prevent Youth Suicide September 29, 2020 The Board of Registered Nursing's Decision-Making Processes Are Flawed July 07, 2020 Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation's Employees and Inmates Generally Received Necessary Medical Care July 11, 2019 Los Angeles County Has Not Ensured the Health and Safety of All Children in Its Care May 21, 2019 A Quicker Response From San Diego Might Have Slowed the Spread of Its Hepatitis A Outbreak December 20, 2018 Tulare Local Healthcare District's Poor Decisions Contributed to Hospital Closure October 09, 2018 San Diego May Not Have the Nursing Staff to Efficiently Serve Public Health Needs July 26, 2018 Absent Effective State Oversight, Nursing Facilities Provided Substandard Care May 01, 2018 Department of Social Services Needs Criminal History Information to Ensure Safety in Licensed Care Facilities March 14, 2017 Board of Registered Nursing Has Allowed Some Nurses to Practice Despite Potential Safety Risks December 13, 2016 The Financial Sustainability of Covered California Is at Risk February 16, 2016