Reports Related to Education: Higher Education

Higher Education

Increasing Full-Time Faculty and Diversity at California Community Colleges Remains a Challenge February 23, 2023 The UC Has Not Yet Taken Adequate Action to Ensure Its Timely Return of Native American Remains and Cultural Items November 17, 2022 Administrative Shortcomings Limit the K-12 Strong Workforce Program's Effectiveness February 10, 2022 Some University Campuses Did Not Maximize Available Federal Pandemic Funds November 18, 2021 Some California Colleges and Universities Are Not Accurately Reporting Campus Crime Statistics May 27, 2021 Calbright College Must Take Immediate Action to Provide Underserved Californians With Access to Higher Education May 11, 2021 Los Angeles Community College District Personnel Commission's Practices and Policies Adversely Affect Employees and Job Candidates May 06, 2021 Qualified Students Face an Unfair Admissions Process at UC September 22, 2020 UC Is Not Adequately Overseeing Its Return of Native American Remains and Artifacts June 11, 2020 CSU Provides Little Oversight as Campuses Charge Costly Mandatory Fees May 14, 2020 State Lottery Has Not Maximized Funding for Education February 25, 2020 CSU Failed to Fully Disclose Its $1.5 Billion Surplus June 20, 2019 UC's Response to Sexual Harassment Complaints Needs Improvement June 21, 2018 California's Colleges and Universities Struggle to Report Required Safety Information May 10, 2018 CSU Inadequately Oversees the Safety of Staff and Students Working With Hazardous Materials April 24, 2018 Community Colleges Need Better Practices to Ensure Accessible, Upgraded Technology December 05, 2017 Anticipated Savings Are Unlikely to Materialize as UC Struggles to Implement Its New Payroll System August 24, 2017 UC Did Not Ensure Compliance With Employment and Contracting Policies When It Outsourced Certain Services August 22, 2017 UC's Office of the President Failed to Disclose Tens of Millions in Surplus Funds April 25, 2017 CSU Needs to Strengthen Oversight of Management Compensation and Campus Budgets April 20, 2017 California Can Better Prepare Its High School Students for College February 28, 2017 UC's Admissions and Financial Decisions Have Disadvantaged California Resident Students March 29, 2016 Property Acquisitions by UC and CSU Have Not Significantly Reduced Local Property Tax Revenue March 03, 2016