Report 2014-131 Recommendation 23 Responses

Report 2014-131: California State Government Websites: Departments Must Improve Website Accessibility So That Persons With Disabilities Have Comparable Access to State Services Online (Release Date: June 2015)

Recommendation #23 To: Technology, California Department of

To ensure that all state departments are reminded about web accessibility requirements and best practices, by July 31, 2015, CalTech should issue an official reminder that directs state departments to key policy documents and the SIMM for additional information about how to meet their obligation to provide accessible websites.

60-Day Agency Response

All state departmental CIO and AIO e-mail message send July 30th remind state departments to key policy documents and the SIMM and specifically remind them of their responsibility to provide accessible websites.

  • Completion Date: July 2015
  • Response Date: July 2015

California State Auditor's Assessment of 60-Day Status: Fully Implemented

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