Why Choose Us

The California State Auditor leads the way in providing truthful, balanced, and unbiased information to the California State Legislature. We help elected leaders and state agencies improve public services and use taxpayers' money in the most effective ways possible. Our audits result in accurate and dependable information that helps to clarify issues, pose corrective action for problems, and bring more accountability to government programs.

We pride ourselves on proposing innovative solutions to problems that are uncovered by audits so state and local government agencies can better serve the people of California. Each year our recommendations result in meaningful changes to government, saving taxpayers millions of dollars.

Why Public Service

Public service offers the opportunity for a challenging career that will allow you to make a difference. As the legislative independent external auditor, we ensure that public programs are delivered in the most efficient and effective manner and that public funds are spent wisely, benefiting all Californians. Each year our recommendations result in meaningful changes to government operations and millions of dollars in savings. Moreover, the public service environment is family friendly, enabling employees to have a healthy balance between work and personal life.