Mission, Philosophy, and Values

Our Mission

The California State Auditor's Office provides objective evaluations and effective solutions that enhance the transparency, accountability, and performance of California government for the people it serves.

Our Philosophy

The staff of the California State Auditor understand and respect the importance of their position as the State's independent auditors. They conduct their reviews in a nonpartisan manner, free from outside influence, including that of the Legislature, Governor, and the subjects of their audits and investigations. California State Auditor staff base their findings, conclusions, and recommendations upon reliable evidence and will not allow preconceived notions or personal opinions to influence their work. The staff strictly adheres to the standards of the auditing profession and exercises the highest standards of ethics. The California State Auditor's Office and the staff lead by example, holding the organization and themselves to the same or higher standards that they use to evaluate others.

Our Core Values:

  • Integrity
    We are an unbiased and trustworthy resource.
  • Commitment
    We are committed to the success of the organization and each other.
  • Leadership
    We are leaders at the forefront of promoting accountability and transparency in government.